What are the Different Principles When It Comes to Landscape Designs?


Before you even make a landscaping design on your garden, you must first learn about the concepts that the landscape designs have in order for you to do the job perfectly. All the concepts of the landscape designs could possibly not be applied all together in the plan that you want to create. Creating a beautiful and unique idea can actually come from understanding every principle it has. You must know that you will be the one who will define the results of your landscaping. You do not have to feel that there are really rules that you need to follow because of the fact that you need to know about the concept of the landscaping designs. Creativity is actually very vital when you want to have great outcomes when doing landscaping.

Unity is one of the most important principles of Boise Landscape Design that is why it should be applied to your work. Unity could actually be made through applying repetition in your design in a sense that there would be the same elements such as plants. Aside from repetition, there is also another element that could result in unity and that is what we called consistency in a way that when there are variety of elements that were applied in your landscape which could possibly be considered as a whole. When the sizes, the color and the height of the design are being consistent, then you could say that there is unity in the design. One of the concepts of the landscaping designs is the concept. When you are just a beginner in landscaping design, you have to put in mind that everything must be simple first in order for you to make it more beautiful afterwards. When you are creating a design, you could apply simplicity by just using two colors on it. When making a design in landscaping, you have to make sure that there is balance on it. Equality between your designs are being shown through balance and asymmetrical and symmetrical balances are its two types.

Another concept of Boise Remodeled Patios design is the transition. The transition is the one that could give magic to the design for it gives an illusion to it.

Since line is a part of the landscaping designs, you must learn about it. Aside from line, proportion is also a part of the principles. You may think that proportion on the designs is very easy however, you should also understand that it needs to be focused on. Putting something in the center of a garden that you are planning to make will  be a great example on the proportion of the designs.

These different principles are very important when you want to achieve a unique design on your landscape.


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